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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan

Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan

Mazel Tov to Ethan with his amazing Torah reading (Aliya la’tora) this morning, and to the whole Polonski family.

Thank you also to Chabad Thornhill Woods and Rabbi Chaim Hildesheim for great preparation of our Bar Mitzvah Man – Ethan.

Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov Mazel Tov and please enjoy the “sneak peek” and Shana Tova 😉


in case you missed – here is the link to our Bar Mitzvah photo session with Ethan


Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0166.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0167.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0168.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0169.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0170.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0171.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0172.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0173.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0174.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0175.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0176.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0177.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0178.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0179.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0180.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0181.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0182.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0183.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0184.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0185.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0186.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0187.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0188.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0189.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0190.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0191.jpg
Chabad Thornhill Woods Bar Mitzvah ceremony Ethan_0192.jpg

Golden Girl Bat Mitzvah Ellie

Golden Girl Bat Mitzvah Ellie

Mazal Tov to Ellie for an amazing performance, you are Super talented girl, keep up great work !

Congratulations to parents Suzi and Mizgav, you guys know exactly what you want, and how to create a memorable Party.

Of course Vivian from “2 Steps Ahead Events”, for planning and organizing such an amazing Bat Mitzvah Party !

Emil – you fare awesome ! Party Crew Entertainment did an amazing job on the stage !

Axe Media Group – great floor naming on the Dance floor.

IsaacImage photo booth team – what would I do without you 😉

Kosher catering by Meir Osipov ( Avenue Night club & Riviera Parque)

Video production – Alex Bider from ABvideography

Thank you so much Team !
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8764.jpgToronto sweet sixteens
Smash cake

Golden Girl Bar Mitzvah
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8773.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8765.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8766.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8767.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8768.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8769.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8770.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8771.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8772.jpg

Toronto best bar mitzvah_8774.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8775.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8776.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8777.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8778.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8779.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8780.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8781.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8782.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8783.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8784.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8785.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8786.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8787.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8788.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8789.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8790.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8791.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8792.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8793.jpg

Toronto best bar mitzvah_8795.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8796.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8797.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8798.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8799.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8800.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8801.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8802.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8803.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8804.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8805.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8806.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8807.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8808.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8809.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8810.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8811.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8812.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8813.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8814.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8815.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8816.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8817.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8818.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8819.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8820.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8821.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8822.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8823.jpg

Toronto best bar mitzvah_8824.jpg

Toronto best bar mitzvah_8825.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8826.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8827.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8828.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8829.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8830.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8831.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8832.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8833.jpg
Toronto best bar mitzvah_8834.jpg

Chanel style Bat Mitzvah Abigail

Chanel style Bat Mitzvah Abigail

Mazal Tov to Abigail our Bat Mitzvah princess !


Huge thanks to all the vendors who did incredible job :

1 – One of the top Event venues in Toronto area – The Avenue Banquet hall with the one and only – Marla Kay.

2 – Photo booth and Photo coverage by IsaacImage of course 😉

3 – Incredible crew from “Magen Boys Entertainment” – Page –  did an amazing job on the dance floor.

4 – Video production crew – “DMS” – Darren

5 – linens rentals – “Covers couture & decor” – Tina & John

6 – chairs & furniture rentals – “Detailz” – Mike

7 – Gorgeous floor – “Impactgraphicz” – Hassen

8 – All PRINT work, BANNERS, posters, stage backdrop Print – Tony from “Beyond Signs”.

9 – Couture Cake & Speciality Chanel bake goods & macaroons – Patisserie V Marie

10 – Smash cake – Bob – Chocolate Charm

11 – little miss Henna – Melanie

12 – Chanel – Bloor Street – attire and give aways

13 – Gizelle – make up artist FROM CHANEL, Yorkdale

14 – Hair – Mellina Melly – The best

15 – Party Planner & Decor – Nicola Brandes and her partner, Abba

And last but not least parents of our Bat Mitzvah girl Abigail – Eric and Nicola.

Eric – Thank you for being in charge for a Financial part 😉

And Nicola …. oh 😉  Where should I start ? 😉

You did such an amazing job, you gave your best , you went above and beyond to get all this done in a best possible way.

Such a talented vision !!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

Toronto bar mitzvah_8723.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8724.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8725.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8726.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8727.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8728.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8729.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8730.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8731.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8732.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8733.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8734.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8735.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8736.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8737.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8738.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8739.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8740.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8741.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8742.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8743.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8744.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8745.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8746.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8747.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8748.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8749.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8750.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8751.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8752.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8753.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8754.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8755.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8756.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8757.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8758.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8759.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8760.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8761.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8762.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8763.jpg

And of course little slide show

Toronto pre Bar Mitzvah photo session Sean

Toronto pre Bar Mitzvah photo session Sean

Those incredible moments when Jewish boy hits 13 years old bar and becoming a “Man”.

Please have a moment and check this incredible young man Sean following his dream become a basketball star !!!

We started the photo session in our Studio located in Thornhill Woods, and than jumped to a closest Basketball court.

We were lucky enough with the weather 😉

Please don’t forget to check the slideshow include whole images from the set and great motivational speech.

senior photography
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8583.jpgToronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8581.jpg

Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8585.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8586.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8587.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8588.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8589.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8590.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8591.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8592.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8593.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8594.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8595.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8596.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8597.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8598.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8599.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8600.jpg
Toronto senior photographyn Bar Mitzvah_8601.jpg


Toronto pre Bat Mitzvah photo session Abigail

Toronto pre Bat Mitzvah photo session Abigail

Bat Mitzvah photo session – capturing a young fashionista

Here comes the most gorgeous young lady you have ever seen. Or should we say a diva in the making? Abigail is a lovely young girl who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah some time back. We were lucky to witness the sacred ceremony and created her Bat mitzvah Toronto video slideshow. Here is a glimpse of the photo session that we shot before the Bat Mitzvah party. We hope you will like it.

Abigail is a sprightly young girl. Like most girls of her age, she is interested in fashion and has started developing her own fashion statement. She loves to take selfies. Modern, fun loving and sporting, she is just like any young girl of our times. Abigail is intelligent which shows on her face.

Her family was excited about her Bat Mitzvah ceremony. As you know, Jews have a tradition of celebrating Bat Mitzvah for girls when they reach the age of 12. This ceremony bestows on them the responsibility for their own actions. The Jewish community Toronto usually celebrates this ceremony on a grand scale. A lot of preparation goes into the celebration and we provide Bat Mitzvah Toronto photography services to capture the memories.

Abigail has long hair. We decided to retain her natural look. She chose her own outfits and we must admit that she has a great sense of fashion. From her dresses to the accessories, everything was synchronized nicely. When we came to know that she loves the brand Chanel, we decided to make that a part of this Bat Mitzvah photo session so that when she grows up, she would love to share these memories.

Abigail was more than happy to show off the fashionista in her. She posed confidently with her Chanel shopping bags and the accessories she has bought recently.

When we are growing up, we feel like having the world at her feet. Didn’t you feel like that? Well, for her, Paris, the fashion capital of the world meant a lot and so we included the iconic buildings of Paris in the video. Happily, she clicked selfies in her new dress and we, on our part captured those moments in our camera.

Abigail looked gorgeous in that midnight blue dress. Along with matching shoes and bag, she looked every bit of a diva.

It was time to hit the outdoors and she chose a pink dress to complement the natural background. Her siblings and friends joined her and the photo shoot became more enjoyable. As the young kids played and enjoyed themselves, we took some candid shots that they would always cherish.

Abigail glowed throughout the photo session. We would remember this in style photo session for her confidence, beautiful smile and sense of fashion.


Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8555.jpg

Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8556.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8557.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8558.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8559.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8560.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8561.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8562.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8563.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8564.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8565.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8566.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8567.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8568.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8569.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8570.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8571.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8572.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8573.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8574.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8575.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8576.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8577.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8578.jpg
Toronto sweet sixteens Bar Mitzvah_8579.jpg

Here is the slideshow from whole set

Bar Mitzvah Toronto Mitch

Bar Mitzvah Toronto Mitch
Bar Mitzvah photo session of Mitch, an adorable young boy
Look at his face – so innocent and full of life.
His eyes are brimming with hope and the smile on his face tells the world that he is still a kid at heart.
Yet, when he wore traditional Jewish outfit kippah, tallit, tefillin  and read his Torah he looked so serious.
Yes, my friends, we are talking about Mitch, the lovely young boy whose bar Mitzvah photo session we shot a few days before.
Mitch and his Bar Mitzvah – growing up in style
Mitch is a lovely young boy. He is vivacious, has great interest in music and is mischievous too.
On the day of the Toronto photo session, he wore a simple pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. He looked smart and with that guitar, he simply rocked.
Seeing his bright, big eyes and the way he carried himself with confidence in front of the camera, we decided to take solo shots in different moods. With interesting props like guitar and saxophone, he stole the focus.
Happily he posed with the instruments, smiling as he lovingly held those close to him.
As I told you before, Mitch is naughty too. Look at him, jumping and posing for the camera. Spontaneous and lively, these shots reveal the child in him.
As we urged him to be do whatever he liked he started playing the guitar. It was a pleasure listening to him. To make the album more interesting, we took a few photos in black and white and merged them seamlessly.
The effect has been good? What do you say?
We tried several looks for Mitch. He looked really handsome in his shades. In the sheath dress he was equally at ease.
When his family joined us for the Toronto family photography, we headed outdoors to add more color to the album.
Mother-son duo looked so adorable in the photos.
Mitch posed happily with his family members.
The way his mother hugged him it was evident that he was a lovable boy.
Well, we have also fallen in love with his smile and innocent looks. We didn’t ask anyone to give any weird pose as we wanted to keep things natural.
The Toronto Bar Mitzvah photography photo session has come out so well – fresh, natural and celebrating the close ties that exist between family members.
We hope Mitch grows up into a handsome young boy and retains his innocence and that sweet smile that won our heart.

Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7776.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7771.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7770.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7772.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7773.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7774.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7775.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7777.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7778.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7779.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7780.jpg

And of course our slideshow that will be displayed during the Bar Mitzvah Party.

Bar Mitzvah Toronto Lior

Bar Mitzvah Toronto Lior

Directed and planned by amazing Vivian from “2 Steps Ahead events“.

Stage, lighting, DJ and MC by – “Party Crew Entertaiment“.

Photo booth rental and props – “Best Event“.

Custom flooring – “Axe Media Group“.

Alex Bider video coverage.
Best for Bride Toronto_7067.jpg

Thank you so much Suzi and whole family for amazing review.

Event review
Best for Bride Toronto_7068.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7069.jpg

Great Lighting set up
Best for Bride Toronto_7070.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7071.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7072.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7073.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7074.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7075.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7076.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7077.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7078.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7079.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7080.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7081.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7082.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7083.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7084.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7085.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7086.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7091.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7087.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7088.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7089.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7090.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7092.jpg

And Here is Vivian – Event planner.
Best for Bride Toronto_7093.jpg

And of course quick and fun Family portraits.
Best for Bride Toronto_7094.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7095.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7096.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7097.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7098.jpg

Sandwich kiss.
Best for Bride Toronto_7099.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7100.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7101.jpg

Siblings time 😉
Best for Bride Toronto_7102.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7103.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7104.jpg

Perfect Bar Mitzvah grand entrance with Israeli flag !
Best for Bride Toronto_7105.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7106.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7107.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7108.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7109.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7110.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7111.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7112.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7113.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7114.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7115.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7116.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7117.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7118.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7119.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7120.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7121.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7122.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7123.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7124.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7125.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7126.jpg

Party Crew dancers.
Best for Bride Toronto_7127.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7128.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7129.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7130.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7131.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7132.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7133.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7134.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7135.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7136.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7137.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7138.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7139.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7140.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7141.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7142.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7143.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7144.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7145.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7146.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7147.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7148.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7149.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7150.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7151.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7152.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7153.jpg

Moroccan Hena Ceremony.
Best for Bride Toronto_7154.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7155.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7156.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7157.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7158.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7159.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7160.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7161.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7162.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7163.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7164.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7165.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7166.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7167.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7168.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7169.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7170.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7171.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7172.jpg
Best for Bride Toronto_7173.jpg

Toronto Event Photographer Bat Mitzvah Lauren

Toronto Event Photographer Bat Mitzvah Lauren.

One of the most epic events of the year!

Mazel Tov to Krupnikov family for an amazing Bat Mitzvah celebration of their daughter Lauren. You guys have created a truly unforgettable event.

Huge thanks goes to Your Effortless Event for massive amount of work that you guys put in to each and every event you are creating.

Royal Event Decor & Drapery Boutique for the decor.

National Event Venue for being one of the Top Wedding and Event venues in Greater Toronto Area.

Alex Bider – stunning and very talented event videographer from AB videography 

Best Event photo booth – one of the best photo booth rentals in Toronto area.

And of course unforgettable, super high energy Party Crew team for providing music and high end entertainment services.


All the Family pictures we decided to do at Richmond Green Park , located at Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Gorgeous place very popular location for Bridal photo session among couples .

Elena – Very talented and busy Wedding and Event planner, from Your Effortless Event.

If you never been in Russian event venue before, this is just the cold appetizers 😉


That coming right after cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres.

Beautiful super star style Grand Entrance of Lauren while she singing and dancing with two ballroom dancers.

And here goes traditional Jewish Hora dancing.

With lifting up in the air our Bat Mitzvah girl.

Who need a crane those days if you have a Drone for all the Event Video production.


Of course most formal part of the evening , it’s a “Candle Lighting” Ceremony.

And challah blessing by the father of Bat Mitzvah girl, Vladimir Krupnikov.



Caricature drawing and poker table provided by Party Crew, brings lots of joy to your event.

And the sweetest moment of the evening – Sweet table is now officially open.

Hold on it actually was “Candy table” for kids. 😉

Hold your breath, her comes the “Sweet table” for adults.

Oh my God… we have a toughest job on earth, can you imagine taking a picture of sweet table before everybody allowed to touch it ? 😉

Amazing performance by Party Crew brake dancer.

Chabad Flamingo Bar Mitzvah Levi Vorovich

Chabad Flamingo Bar Mitzvah Levi Vorovich

Thank you so much to the whole Vorovich Family for giving me trust and opportunity to capture those very important moments in their Life !

Before the Bar Mitzvah party we had little bit of time for quick Family photos, so we decided to go to their favourite place Mac Donald house park located in Vaughan, Ontario.

Vorovich family it’s a very famous family in Jewish community in Thornhill and not because Rabbi Shlomo Vorovich (The Father of Bar Mitzvah boy) he is Program Director at Chabad Romano Centre in Maple, also Shlomo and his daughter Bassie Vorovitch are amazing photographers.

But it was very easy to work with this family as they were all very creative, fun and easy going people, bar mitzvah Boy Levi definitely should think about side career opportunity as a model.

Right after, we went to the Banquet Hall Centre at Chabad Flamingo and had lots of fun there, as well as you can see.

Mazal Tov !

Special thanks goes to very talented Videographer Genadi Sherman from Miracle Studio.

And best photo booth in Toronto area Best Event Photo booth Rental.

Scarborough Convention Centre Wedding | Jag and Seifa_0063.jpg


Bernard Betel Centre Bar Mitzvah Lior

Bernard Betel Centre Bar Mitzvah Lior.

Mazel Tov to Lior with his Bar Mitzvah.

He did an amazing job with reading his parasha without any mistakes.

Video credit goes to very talented Alex Bider from A.B.Videography.
Bernard Betel Centre Synagogue
Bernard Betel Centre aron ha kodesh
Toronto Bar Mitzvah candys

Sister and Grand mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy are very excited.

Yes it’s early morning 😉 if I remember correct it was at 7am.
But this is the whole beauty of early Bar Mitzvah Ceremony.

Bar Mitzvah Toronto

It is very heavy Torah.

Love the beautiful colours in this Synagogue.

Well, maybe the new Canon 5dsr did a great job as well ;).

Yes this Bar Mitzvah ceremony shot exclusively on the fresh and new Canon 5dsr.

And of course some family pictures as well by the end of the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony.

Once we done with all formalities time to get crazy.

Wait until you see the Party…

To be continued.

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