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Nadia and Sasha Love story
Here at IsaacImage wee know how couple want to see their images after the wedding, so  here is a few from Nadia and Sasha wedding day.

And of course  their engagement “Love Story” short movie that we did week ego 😉

This was super fun wedding with extremely fun couple.

Those are just sneak peek from their whole wedding day coverage, more images coming soon.

A few words about the love story video.

It’s started as regular engagement session, but Yana turned it into a super funny “love story” clip.

It’s always fun to work with creative people, and nothing can’t stop them from to get it done in their special, unique way.

Most of the scenario was done by IsaacImage creative team 😉 but many ideas were added during the filming process.

For those  of you who is more into a technical side and wondering how all this was done  and what equipment we have used,

So it’s Canon’s legend / work horse 5d mark III + 24-70 on Cinevate slider.


So grab some popcorn, enjoy and please don’t forget to watch it in HD mode !

Groom getting ready

Bride getting ready

Wedding Rings

Wedding Ceremony

Toronto Wedding Photography by IsaacImage





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