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Photo Booth Markham

markham photographyAre you looking for something that will add flavor to your party, special event, wedding or anniversary? Are you tired of the conventional types of guest entertainment you saw in too many parties? Do you want to try something new and exciting? We have just the thing for you – our photo booth Markham rental service!

There are many ways to make a special event more exciting, engaging and memorable. A photo booth is a new and exciting trend that not many have tried yet. It is a simple, hassle-free and inexpensive way to keep your guests laughing and having tons of fun while producing amazing photos. Our Markham photo booths are equipped with advanced DSLR cameras that produce top quality photos. The images are so sharp and vivid that you will be happy to put them in the family album or even frame and hang them on the wall.

The booths themselves come in a variety of themes, from rose flower petals for weddings, to clowns and balloons for kids’ birthday parties. Every booth also has a whole bunch of accessories to go with it and make amazing group photos of the guests. Those range from pirate swords, to Disney character costumes and other goofy and fun things for the guests to try on and enjoy. Booths can be closed or open air, allowing large group photos to be taken.

For your best special event experience, call Isaac Image now and get a photo booth for your Markham party!

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