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Photo Booth Richmond Hill

photo booth rent richmond hillAre you looking for a way to make your special event even more special? Want to get your guests excited and engaged? There is a perfect way to do it, and on a budget too, with our Richmond Hill photo booth rental service!

After trying it all, from magicians, to fireworks, to choreographed dancing (which are all great ideas, of course but very overused), the most recent trend is event photography booths, and for a whole bunch of very good reasons. Booth rental is inexpensive, takes zero effort or worry on your part, and pretty much does it all by itself.

We have themed booths that can fit into any special event and setting – from romantic, rose petal ornamented booths, to children’s birthday party booths with balloons and ponies. Our Richmond Hill photo booth service comes with a whole bunch of accessories, such as pirate hats, wigs, fairytale character costume elements and much more. Not only kids are known to enjoy this fun, of course, as adults will also enjoy releasing their inner child and taking some fun pictures! For events where there are mixed guest ages, such as weddings and anniversaries, a photo booth is an absolute must, giving the kids a small kids’ play area to enjoy.

Our Richmond Hill photo booth service comes complete with installation, removal and high quality photo production – which you can download, frame or put in your family album. To get your photo booth for the next event call us now, and enjoy!

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