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Bernard Betel Centre Bar Mitzvah Lior

Bernard Betel Centre Bar Mitzvah Lior.

Mazel Tov to Lior with his Bar Mitzvah.

He did an amazing job with reading his parasha without any mistakes.

Video credit goes to very talented Alex Bider from A.B.Videography.
Bernard Betel Centre Synagogue
Bernard Betel Centre aron ha kodesh
Toronto Bar Mitzvah candys

Sister and Grand mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy are very excited.

Yes it’s early morning 😉 if I remember correct it was at 7am.
But this is the whole beauty of early Bar Mitzvah Ceremony.

Bar Mitzvah Toronto

It is very heavy Torah.

Love the beautiful colours in this Synagogue.

Well, maybe the new Canon 5dsr did a great job as well ;).

Yes this Bar Mitzvah ceremony shot exclusively on the fresh and new Canon 5dsr.

And of course some family pictures as well by the end of the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony.

Once we done with all formalities time to get crazy.

Wait until you see the Party…

To be continued.

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