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Toronto Starbucks Wedding Bombay Palace Lin and Bhavesh

Toronto Starbucks Wedding Bombay Palace Lin and Bhavesh

Decor and Mandip setup – Anish Seedhar

Ceremony and reception – Bombay Palace Restaurant And Banquets.

Bridal MakeUp and Hair – Olivia Ha.

Music by Dj Karim.

Flute Performance – Sahil.
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Chandni Grand Wedding Brampton Trisha and Omar

Indian Wedding Toronto_7999.jpg

Chandni Grand Wedding Brampton Trisha and Omar
Beautiful Indian wedding of Omar and Trisha’s majestic wedding ceremony
Now this is what we have been eagerly waiting for. A big, fat Indian wedding. If you have never been to an Indian wedding let us tell you that it’s a grand affair.

With traditional attire, food and music, laughter, cheerfulness and all relatives getting together, it is something worth witnessing. Loud music, elaborate menu, colorful dresses and traditional ceremonies make an Indian wedding really special. Sometimes it becomes sheer madness too. And it is not easy to capture all these through lens. As Toronto wedding photographer, we were lucky to witness one.
Let’s start with the bridal wear. Look at the bright red dress with intricate designs. It is called lehenga. And now look at Trisha, how resplendent she is looking in that dress. The jewelries she is wearing are part of bridal wear. The design on her hand is made from natural herbs and is called mehendi. It takes hours to make it!
Red is considered auspicious in Indian culture and thus you would find it dominating their weddings. We didn’t want to miss any of the wedding preparations and thus took a few snaps of how Trisha and Omar got ready. Complete with makeup and that red head cover, isn’t Trisha looking like the oriental princess you have seen in books and movies?
We could have continued taking Trisha’s photos unless someone reminded us of the prince-to-get-wed-soon. Omar is no less than a prince. If you have any doubt, look at his royal attire consisting of the sherwani and headgear. Is it less than any crown?
Omar is a jovial guy. He is spontaneous and readily agrees to pose for us. However, when we saw tears rolling down his cheeks we knew how emotional he was.
Like any beautiful Indian wedding, a lot of musical instruments were played. The groom arrived riding a horse amidst much applause. A grand procession, Indian rituals, music and dance, everything were there to keep our cameras busy.
The reception area was decorated in vibrant red with flowers, candles and idols of Indian gods in this Toronto Indian wedding. Omar performed all the rituals earnestly. We went frenzy clicking photos of the wedding rituals, each one having its own significance.
After the official wedding ceremony was over, it was perfect time to capture the newlyweds interact with each other during our photo session. We did that in style. Trisha glowed in the shots as she held Omar’s hand and stood beside him. Don’t miss the shy smile on their faces.
It was time for the reception. With chandeliers, rich curtains, flowers and lights, it was a dream come true. The night came alive with music, dance, magic and fun. You can catch our Toronto wedding photographer too with the camera.
We hope that for Omar and Trisha life becomes a grand party and they continue to enjoy themselves.

Would love to thank to all amazing team of Wedding vendors we had that day :

Neha Chopra – SAWCplanners for organizing and directing such a great event.

Wedding Venue – Chandni Grand Banquet hall

Absolutely stunning decor – INDS Decor

AV and Lighting – Empire Entertainment

Amazing bridal Make Up and Hair by Azmeree

Wedding Cake – Something sweet

Beautiful Samba Dancers – Tropicana Queens


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Indian Wedding Toronto_7935.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_7968.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_7976.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_7985.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_7987.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_8000.jpg
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Indian Wedding Toronto_8003.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8004.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8005.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8006.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8007.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8008.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8009.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8010.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8011.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8012.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8013.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8014.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8015.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8016.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8017.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8018.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8019.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8020.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8021.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8022.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8023.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8024.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8025.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8026.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8027.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8028.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8029.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8030.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8031.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8032.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8033.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8034.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8035.jpg
Indian Wedding Toronto_8036.jpg

Lionhead Golf Wedding Kim and Jay

Lionhead Golf Wedding Kim and Jay.

Enjoy this beautiful Brampton Ontario Wedding  at Lionhead Golf and Country Club.

Special thanks goes to our beautiful couple Kim and Jason for creating such an amazing Wedding Day surrounded by so much love.

And some of the top Toronto Wedding vendors :

Gatto Flowers for Décor for creating such a beautiful Bridal Bouquet and gorgeous Wedding flowers for all Bridesmaids.

Stunning music coverage by Dj Steve Das.

Beautiful bridal hair by Sarah Hess from “Pretty & Co“.

Gorgeous bridal make up by Jem Muah.

And last but not least one of the Top Toronto Videographers Jeremy Robertson from “Jeremy Robertson Wedding Films“.


As usually we started our day early morning at Jason Thomas residence.

Bride Kim and all of her bridesmaid were already there.


Love the rustic feel of this Wedding rings box.

Bridal bouquet – Gatto Flowers did an amazing job !

Some quick portraits of our beautiful bridesmaids, after all make up and hair job was done.


Jeremy during his video interview.

Touching present from groom.


Meanwhile in a Lionhead 😉

Before groom getting ready process, guys jumped to a quick Golf game.


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