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Vaughan Richmond Green Wedding Natasha and Dima

Vaughan Richmond Green Wedding Natasha and Dima

Congratulations to our amazing couple Dima and Natasha.

Here is some “Sneak peak” of this incredible wedding.

Wedding venue – “Babushka Club” Vaughan location.

Wedding planning by Elena Knish “Your Effortless Event”.

Wedding photo session location – “Richmond Green”.

Bridal Make Up Anya Schwartsburg – “Beauty Experts”.

Bridal Hair – Veta Leiserovich – “Beauty Experts”.


Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0491.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0492.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0494.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0493.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0495.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0496.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0497.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0498.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0499.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0500.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0501.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0502.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0503.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0504.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0505.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0506.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0507.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0508.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0509.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0510.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0512.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0511.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0513.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0514.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0515.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0516.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0517.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0518.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0519.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0520.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0521.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0522.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0523.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0524.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0525.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0526.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0528.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0529.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0527.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0530.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0532.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0534.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0545.jpg
Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0533.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0537.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0543.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0531.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0546.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0542.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0541.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0540.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0539.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0538.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0536.jpg Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding_0535.jpg

Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding-Natasha-and-Dima_9932.jpg Vaughan Richmond Green Wedding Vaughan-Richmond-Green-Wedding-Natasha-and-Dima_9933.jpg

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan.

Gorgeous couple. Beautiful Wedding Venue.

Can we ask for more ?

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding
Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Bridal Dress

Once I see beautiful chandelier at the Wedding Venue, I always trying to imagine how would I put the Wedding dress on it.

This time my dream came true 😉 I had an amazing chandelier hanging in a middle of our reception hall and I had a beautiful Wedding dress and a few brides mades to assist me 😉

Because our bride getting ready preparation process starts at reception hall.

Babushka Club_6808.jpg
Babushka Club_6809.jpg
Babushka Club_6810.jpg
Babushka Club_6811.jpg

Piano and Wedding rings it’s a killer combination in my opinion.
Babushka Club_6812.jpg
Babushka Club_6813.jpg
Babushka Club_6814.jpg
Babushka Club_6815.jpg
Babushka Club_6816.jpg
Babushka Club_6818.jpg
Babushka Club_6819.jpg
Babushka Club_6820.jpg
Babushka Club_6821.jpg

Babushka Club_6823.jpg
Babushka Club_6824.jpg

In the mean time at Grooms place :
Babushka Club_6825.jpg
Babushka Club_6826.jpg
Babushka Club_6827.jpg
Babushka Club_6828.jpg
Babushka Club_6829.jpg
Babushka Club_6830.jpg
Babushka Club_6831.jpg
Babushka Club_6832.jpg
Babushka Club_6833.jpg

The Wedding Ceremony.

Babushka Club_6834.jpg
Babushka Club_6835.jpg
Babushka Club_6836.jpg
Babushka Club_6837.jpg
Babushka Club_6838.jpg
Babushka Club_6839.jpg
Babushka Club_6840.jpg
Babushka Club_6841.jpg
Babushka Club_6842.jpg
Babushka Club_6843.jpg
Babushka Club_6844.jpg
Babushka Club_6845.jpg
Babushka Club_6846.jpg
Babushka Club_6847.jpg
Babushka Club_6848.jpg

Le Jardin Banquet hall Wedding Miliya and Ruvim

Le Jardin Banquet hall Wedding Miliya and Ruvim.

Gorgeous couple from Calgary, Alberta who grew up in Greater Toronto Area and decided to tie the knot here in their home town.

Here is a few Wedding vendors who were in charge for the very successful Wedding of Miliya and Ruvim.

Wedding reception – Le Jardin Banquet hall.

Kosher Catering by Meir Osipov –  Riviera Parque

Wedding Decor and Bridal flowers – Creations By Gitta.

Wedding Entertainment, Dj, MC, Lighting, Up lights – Party Crew.

The pre-Wedding photo session of this amazing couple can be seen HERE as well.

Bridal Hair – Alysse-Kathryn Morrison Fancy Face 


Richmond Green Toronto Wedding Slava and Kseniya

Richmond Green Toronto Wedding Slava and Kseniya

relax 😉 it’s just for fun,

Nobody really was peeing on any walls 😉

And Groom preparation is on.



Of course there is lot of Hockey fans out there.

And back to business.

After short game we definitely need to be ready for Wedding festivities.

I think we are ready 😉

In the mean time at Bride’s place.

Gorgeous Wedding dress by “Allure Bridals”

Beautiful Wedding rings with very colourful back.

And of course “Badly Mishka” bridal shoes.


“Karavai” – large round brided bread.

Very common in Russian, Ukrainian or Polish Wedding.

Our famous “Signature” spray shot.

… to be continued 😉

National Banquet Hall Toronto Wedding Dana and Vadim

National Banquet Hall Toronto Wedding Dana and Vadim

Bride and Groom Graydon Hall Manor

When experience and expertise go hand in hand to create memorable wedding photos

What makes a marriage so special? Is it the promise of love and companionship? Is it the dreams that you find coming true? I feel it’s the memories that make a marriage so special- memory of the bride walking down the aisle and the glistening tears in the father’s eyes, the choked voice of the groom taking the marriage vow, the friendly bashing from your friends and so many moments like these. These memories make a wedding so special and so memorable. We, at IsaacImage capture these memories for you and preserve them so that you can relive them, love them and enjoy them for ages to come, like Dana and Vadim are going to do.

Being a Jewish couple, Dana and Vadim wanted a traditional wedding with all the customs being performed to perfection and we had a lovely time knowing and capturing them in our cameras. We must say that the National Banquet Hall was decorated by Alina from Flowers Time Toronto Floral Design Studio with keeping in mind the spirit of the couple. The place looked so warm and stunning. The floral centerpieces added a glow to the wedding décor. From the lighting to the choice of colors of the flowers, everything reflected the taste of the couple and showed the care they have taken in planning their grand wedding.

The bride, oh, how gorgeous she looked in her white gown. It was actually difficult for us to focus on anything else other than her glowing face and bright smile. Stunning Make up and Hair was done by stunning Anna from AK MakeUp and Hair. The bride and the groom looked so romantic when they posed in front of the camera that we couldn’t help but take a few shots against the green backdrop of the yard.

The wedding was a perfect combination of tradition and fun. The Crazy Hora dancing made everyone put their hands together. The Tropicana Queens did a great job in planning and executing such a dance show. Of course, MC and Dj – Party Crew Emil Yalizerov deserve a special mention. Everybody enjoyed so much on the dance floor. However, it was the couple who stole the show with their dance movements and we were happy to capture those romantic moments in our camera.

The relatives and friends enjoyed a lot and danced and sang and shared their memories which made the event come alive.

We wish Vadim and Dana a long and happy married life. We were happy to be a part of their love story and hope that their conjugal life is filled with love, laugh and lots of great memories.





Wedding rings

toronto wedding photographer

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