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Toronto business portrait Victoria

Toronto business portrait Victoria.
We, at IsaacImage do not just specialize in Wedding and Event photography in the Toronto area but also focus on
Headshots and  Business portrait photo sessions.
Here is the quick sneak peak from today’s Business Photo session in our studio with beautiful Victoria.
Great Make Up job done by a very talented makeup artist Anya Schwartsburg from Beauty Experts.

Business  Photography is very different from other type of photography. Below you will find few tips that will help you increase your chances of getting an amazing Business portrait.

1 – First thing, it is very important to discuss your needs with the photographer
2 – Bring few extra outfits so you can decide later on which one looks best on you in the picture
3 – Make sure your Hair, Make Up and nails are done professionally, which will boost your confidence level and let the beauty from within shine.  Remember, every detail is important.
4 – Please let us know your preferable background. Most popular and professional backgrounds are black, neutral grey or white.
5 – We are all busy people with very busy lifves, but the key is to bring your best self to the photo shoot with warm and happy thoughts that, I promise you, will show in the pictures.  It’s ’s nearly impossible but, perhaps, turn off your cell phones and let’s have some fun! ;)
6 – All images that you will receive from us will be retouched and ready for print.

Thank you for choosing IsaacImage as your trusted photographer.

Toronto Business portrait

Toronto Business Portrait

Toronto Business Portrait

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