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Canon EOS 1DX Mark II Wedding Studio Toronto

Canon EOS 1DX Mark II Wedding Studio Toronto
We are glad to be the first Wedding photography studio in the Toronto area, who received a production model of the top of the line camera – Canon EOS 1dx mark II.
After almost 4 years of extensive usage of two of my Canon 1dx’s and with an about shutter clicks, I think I’m getting closer to a better understanding of these cameras.
I use the equipment mostly to shoot Weddings, Boudoir and Bar Mitzvah’s in the Greater Toronto Area.
In the past I’ve had experience shooting with almost any possible DSLR on the market; from Original Canon 5D and Nikon D700, to the latest Nikon d750, D4s and of course, the industry standard, Canon 5D mark III or Nikon D800/D810.

I wanted to mention that I’m not sponsored by anyone, and all of the information in this blog is my personal opinion based on my research and experience. Hope this information will help you choose the right tool for the right job.
But I would love to take a moment and thank Canon Canada and an amazing team from Vistek Mississauga (especially Lan Huynh) for helping me get my hands on this great camera as fast as possible.
I have to mention that this is not a review of the Canon Mark II as I haven’t gotten a chance to put it through a few rigorous weeks of the beginning of the Wedding season I’m about to embark on.

So here we go, please enjoy the video below and I would be happy to answer any of your questions, dear friends.
It’s a Canon’s flagship model within their professional DSLR line-up.
Some of you might think that this is a bit of an overkill for a Wedding photographer but in my personal opinion, in this very competitive market you have to give the best of what you can to your clients.Canon 1dx mark 2


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