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Chanel style Bat Mitzvah Abigail

Chanel style Bat Mitzvah Abigail

Mazal Tov to Abigail our Bat Mitzvah princess !


Huge thanks to all the vendors who did incredible job :

1 – One of the top Event venues in Toronto area – The Avenue Banquet hall with the one and only – Marla Kay.

2 – Photo booth and Photo coverage by IsaacImage of course 😉

3 – Incredible crew from “Magen Boys Entertainment” – Page –  did an amazing job on the dance floor.

4 – Video production crew – “DMS” – Darren

5 – linens rentals – “Covers couture & decor” – Tina & John

6 – chairs & furniture rentals – “Detailz” – Mike

7 – Gorgeous floor – “Impactgraphicz” – Hassen

8 – All PRINT work, BANNERS, posters, stage backdrop Print – Tony from “Beyond Signs”.

9 – Couture Cake & Speciality Chanel bake goods & macaroons – Patisserie V Marie

10 – Smash cake – Bob – Chocolate Charm

11 – little miss Henna – Melanie

12 – Chanel – Bloor Street – attire and give aways

13 – Gizelle – make up artist FROM CHANEL, Yorkdale

14 – Hair – Mellina Melly – The best

15 – Party Planner & Decor – Nicola Brandes and her partner, Abba

And last but not least parents of our Bat Mitzvah girl Abigail – Eric and Nicola.

Eric – Thank you for being in charge for a Financial part 😉

And Nicola …. oh 😉  Where should I start ? 😉

You did such an amazing job, you gave your best , you went above and beyond to get all this done in a best possible way.

Such a talented vision !!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

Toronto bar mitzvah_8723.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8724.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8725.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8726.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8727.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8728.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8729.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8730.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8731.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8732.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8733.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8734.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8735.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8736.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8737.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8738.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8739.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8740.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8741.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8742.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8743.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8744.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8745.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8746.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8747.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8748.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8749.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8750.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8751.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8752.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8753.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8754.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8755.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8756.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8757.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8758.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8759.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8760.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8761.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8762.jpg
Toronto bar mitzvah_8763.jpg

And of course little slide show

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