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Toronto Knox College Wedding Ron and Michelle

Toronto Knox College Wedding Ron and Michelle

Mazel Tov to our stunning couple Ron & Michelle Burshtein.

Also thank you so much for all amazing Wedding vendors:

La Primavera Hospitality & Convention Centre.
Planned and Directed by Malvina Pelleriti Brilliant Weddings – Vaughan Wedding Planner.
MC, Dj, Lightning, – Emil Yalizerov Party Crew Entertainment
MUA and Hair by Fancy Face Inc.
Dove releases Toronto

Photo booth – Elephant Events
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Michelle & Ron_2353.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2354.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2355.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2358.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2359.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2360.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2363.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2366.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2367.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2368.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2369.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2370.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2373.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2378.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2379.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2380.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2381.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2382.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2383.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2384.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2385.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2386.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2387.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2388.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2389.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2390.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2391.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2392.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2393.jpg
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Michelle & Ron_2395.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2396.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2397.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2398.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2399.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2400.jpg
Michelle & Ron_2401.jpg

Fontana Primavera Wedding Anna and Nikita

Fontana Primavera Wedding Anna and Nikita.

Wedding reception – Fontana Primavera Event Centre

Wedding Decor and Bridal Bouquet – Flowers Time 

Dj and Master of Ceremony – Dmitry MC.

Captured by IsaacImage Wedding and Portrait Photography Studio.

Babushka Club_6906.jpg
Gorgeous Engagement and Wedding rings.
Babushka Club_6907.jpg
Babushka Club_6908.jpg
Babushka Club_6909.jpg
Babushka Club_6910.jpg
Babushka Club_6911.jpg
Flowers Time definitely knows how to create a beautiful Bridal Bouquet.
Babushka Club_6912.jpg
Babushka Club_6913.jpg
Babushka Club_6914.jpg
Babushka Club_6915.jpg
Babushka Club_6916.jpg
Babushka Club_6917.jpg
Babushka Club_6918.jpg
Babushka Club_6919.jpg
Babushka Club_6920.jpg
Babushka Club_6921.jpg
Babushka Club_6922.jpg
Babushka Club_6923.jpg
At some point we went to Grooms place to capture his getting ready moments as well.
Babushka Club_6924.jpg
Babushka Club_6925.jpg
Babushka Club_6926.jpg
Babushka Club_6927.jpg
Babushka Club_6928.jpg
Babushka Club_6929.jpg
The Wedding Ceremony held place right in Fontana Primavera Garden.
Babushka Club_6930.jpg
Babushka Club_6931.jpg
Babushka Club_6932.jpg
Babushka Club_6933.jpg
Babushka Club_6934.jpg
Babushka Club_6935.jpg
Babushka Club_6936.jpg
Babushka Club_6937.jpg
Babushka Club_6938.jpg
Babushka Club_6939.jpg
Babushka Club_6940.jpg
Babushka Club_6941.jpg
Babushka Club_6942.jpg
Babushka Club_6943.jpg
Babushka Club_6944.jpg
Babushka Club_6945.jpg
Babushka Club_6946.jpg
Babushka Club_6947.jpg
Babushka Club_6948.jpg
Babushka Club_6949.jpg
Babushka Club_6950.jpg
Babushka Club_6951.jpg
Babushka Club_6952.jpg
Babushka Club_6953.jpg
Babushka Club_6954.jpg
Babushka Club_6955.jpg
Babushka Club_6956.jpg
Babushka Club_6957.jpg
It was truly unforgettable first dance.
Babushka Club_6958.jpg
Babushka Club_6959.jpg
We had “Smash Cake” moments in the past.
But first time in our Wedding photographer’s career we had couple smashing their cake right on to a Dj’s head 😉
It was lots of fun.
Babushka Club_6960.jpg
Babushka Club_6961.jpg
Babushka Club_6962.jpg
Babushka Club_6963.jpg

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