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Ganaraska forest center wedding Alex and Alex

Ganaraska forest center wedding Alex and Alex

Sasha and Alexey wedding album – a heart touching tale of love and companionship

Alexey and Sasha were tying the knot. Yes, our very special Alexey and Sasha had finally decided to get married.

The occasion was special and so was the celebration.

We being their Toronto wedding photographer wanted to make sure that the album was truly awesome.

So, here is the wedding album of Alexey and Sasha, the couple who rocks in every way.

Wedding album of Sasha and Alexey – the most lovable couple

They got married in a Ganaraska forest center and so we got plenty of interesting spots to shoot the album.

Actually we fell in love with the place with its lush green meadows, small brooks and old tree trunks creating a nice filigree of light and shadow.

We decided to shoot most of the images outdoors for a nice open and rugged feel.

As most of the typical Wedding getting ready pictures done inside.

As usually the main goal for IsaacImage team is to create something unique.

We began with the wedding gown which was simply stunning. Sasha has an impeccable taste. She chose a white mermaid gown with a long tail.

We took the photo of the gown hanging from the log house with her shoes resting on a piece of log.

We experimented with the shoes and took several snaps placing them at different spots and in different ways. We must say one thing, from her shoes to her bouquet and accessories, Sasha made sure that everything was coordinated well.

We treated the getting ready photos in a different way. There is an image in which Sasha is seen getting ready and through the pane of the window Alexey is seen drinking, sitting on a bench.

Two people are in different moods and places and yet we have captured them in the same frame. Isn’t it amazing?

Since we were in a Ganaraska forest center, we took a lot of the shots in the woods. These photos taken in natural surroundings look very serene and fresh. Have you seen any groom-to-be shaving in the woods or washing his face in a stream?

That’s how we shot this wedding album to give it a different look and feel. So Alexey shaved by the stream and got ready beneath a tree.

Let’s check out what the boys were up to. While their parents were getting ready, the kids were having some good time. They ate, drank juices and even rode their cycle in the woods. It seemed that they enjoyed themselves.

Want to see a diva? Look at the photos in which Sasha is standing in the fields with her bouquet. She looks like an epitome of beauty and elegance.

However, my favorite photo is the one in which Alexey is seen tying the straps of the gown. This is companionship, you got to be always there for your beloved.

How lovingly Alexey fixes the necklace around her neck. We really felt lucky to know this couple personally.

The woods really attracted us. We took several of the couple’s photos in the meadows. Against the background of the long trunks of the trees, Sasha looked ethereal in her white gown.

Sasha and Alexey are basically very funny people. So she stood in the middle of the road in a strange pose along with two gentlemen riding bikes which made everybody laugh.

Just wait, it’s not over yet. Plenty of things happened at the wedding to make everyone laugh. You would surely enjoy checking those photos.

The reception hall was illuminated beautifully in purple shades. The decoration was rich and yet elegant.

Party crew“did an amazing job with uplighting and Djing.  A lot of family friends and relatives had gathered to wish the couple and be a part of this grand wedding.

There was a throne on which Alexey sat down in a king’s costume complete with a crown and scepter. Sasha joined him in her queen’s attire.

What was funny was the expression on Alexey’s face. Surely, this couple knows how to enjoy life and laugh at it. They kept on giving weird expressions and we kept on clicking our cameras.

Couples present at the wedding took their turns to sit at the throne and acting like a king. Of course, the expressions were hilarious. You would surely laugh out loud seeing these.

The wedding cake! It deserves a special mention. It was in three layers depicting a pond with lotus leaves with a family of frog sitting at the top. The male frog sported a confused look with a ring in its hand.

The female frog, on the other hand was having her time with two baby frogs. Just imagine how aptly they have designed their wedding cake.

A couple like Alexey and Sasha deserves all the happiness of this world. We hope they become the happiest couple of the world and fill their world with love, warmth and laughter.


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