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Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan.

Gorgeous couple. Beautiful Wedding Venue.

Can we ask for more ?

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding
Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Bridal Dress

Once I see beautiful chandelier at the Wedding Venue, I always trying to imagine how would I put the Wedding dress on it.

This time my dream came true 😉 I had an amazing chandelier hanging in a middle of our reception hall and I had a beautiful Wedding dress and a few brides mades to assist me 😉

Because our bride getting ready preparation process starts at reception hall.

Babushka Club_6808.jpg
Babushka Club_6809.jpg
Babushka Club_6810.jpg
Babushka Club_6811.jpg

Piano and Wedding rings it’s a killer combination in my opinion.
Babushka Club_6812.jpg
Babushka Club_6813.jpg
Babushka Club_6814.jpg
Babushka Club_6815.jpg
Babushka Club_6816.jpg
Babushka Club_6818.jpg
Babushka Club_6819.jpg
Babushka Club_6820.jpg
Babushka Club_6821.jpg

Babushka Club_6823.jpg
Babushka Club_6824.jpg

In the mean time at Grooms place :
Babushka Club_6825.jpg
Babushka Club_6826.jpg
Babushka Club_6827.jpg
Babushka Club_6828.jpg
Babushka Club_6829.jpg
Babushka Club_6830.jpg
Babushka Club_6831.jpg
Babushka Club_6832.jpg
Babushka Club_6833.jpg

The Wedding Ceremony.

Babushka Club_6834.jpg
Babushka Club_6835.jpg
Babushka Club_6836.jpg
Babushka Club_6837.jpg
Babushka Club_6838.jpg
Babushka Club_6839.jpg
Babushka Club_6840.jpg
Babushka Club_6841.jpg
Babushka Club_6842.jpg
Babushka Club_6843.jpg
Babushka Club_6844.jpg
Babushka Club_6845.jpg
Babushka Club_6846.jpg
Babushka Club_6847.jpg
Babushka Club_6848.jpg

Richmond Hill country club Wedding Haemish and Melissa

Richmond Hill country club Wedding Haemish and Melissa.

Wedding of two amazing people Haemish and Melissa.

Just in case you missed their beautiful Engagement photo session that we did in Toronto Island – it’s right here

Wedding coordinator Terri-Ann James from Chameleon Events.

Wedding Decor and Bridal Bouquet Chameleon Events.

Wedding ceremony Church – St. Isaac Jogues Pickering, Ontario.

Gorgeous Wedding reception – Richmond Hill country club.

Photography coverage by IsaacImage – Toronto Wedding photography Studio.


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