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Bar Mitzvah Toronto Mitch

Bar Mitzvah Toronto Mitch
Bar Mitzvah photo session of Mitch, an adorable young boy
Look at his face – so innocent and full of life.
His eyes are brimming with hope and the smile on his face tells the world that he is still a kid at heart.
Yet, when he wore traditional Jewish outfit kippah, tallit, tefillin  and read his Torah he looked so serious.
Yes, my friends, we are talking about Mitch, the lovely young boy whose bar Mitzvah photo session we shot a few days before.
Mitch and his Bar Mitzvah – growing up in style
Mitch is a lovely young boy. He is vivacious, has great interest in music and is mischievous too.
On the day of the Toronto photo session, he wore a simple pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. He looked smart and with that guitar, he simply rocked.
Seeing his bright, big eyes and the way he carried himself with confidence in front of the camera, we decided to take solo shots in different moods. With interesting props like guitar and saxophone, he stole the focus.
Happily he posed with the instruments, smiling as he lovingly held those close to him.
As I told you before, Mitch is naughty too. Look at him, jumping and posing for the camera. Spontaneous and lively, these shots reveal the child in him.
As we urged him to be do whatever he liked he started playing the guitar. It was a pleasure listening to him. To make the album more interesting, we took a few photos in black and white and merged them seamlessly.
The effect has been good? What do you say?
We tried several looks for Mitch. He looked really handsome in his shades. In the sheath dress he was equally at ease.
When his family joined us for the Toronto family photography, we headed outdoors to add more color to the album.
Mother-son duo looked so adorable in the photos.
Mitch posed happily with his family members.
The way his mother hugged him it was evident that he was a lovable boy.
Well, we have also fallen in love with his smile and innocent looks. We didn’t ask anyone to give any weird pose as we wanted to keep things natural.
The Toronto Bar Mitzvah photography photo session has come out so well – fresh, natural and celebrating the close ties that exist between family members.
We hope Mitch grows up into a handsome young boy and retains his innocence and that sweet smile that won our heart.

Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7776.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7771.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7770.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7772.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7773.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7774.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7775.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7777.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7778.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7779.jpg
Toronto Bar Mitzvah photographer_7780.jpg

And of course our slideshow that will be displayed during the Bar Mitzvah Party.

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