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Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Kim and Dan.

Gorgeous couple. Beautiful Wedding Venue.

Can we ask for more ?

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding
Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Wedding Bridal Dress

Once I see beautiful chandelier at the Wedding Venue, I always trying to imagine how would I put the Wedding dress on it.

This time my dream came true 😉 I had an amazing chandelier hanging in a middle of our reception hall and I had a beautiful Wedding dress and a few brides mades to assist me 😉

Because our bride getting ready preparation process starts at reception hall.

Babushka Club_6808.jpg
Babushka Club_6809.jpg
Babushka Club_6810.jpg
Babushka Club_6811.jpg

Piano and Wedding rings it’s a killer combination in my opinion.
Babushka Club_6812.jpg
Babushka Club_6813.jpg
Babushka Club_6814.jpg
Babushka Club_6815.jpg
Babushka Club_6816.jpg
Babushka Club_6818.jpg
Babushka Club_6819.jpg
Babushka Club_6820.jpg
Babushka Club_6821.jpg

Babushka Club_6823.jpg
Babushka Club_6824.jpg

In the mean time at Grooms place :
Babushka Club_6825.jpg
Babushka Club_6826.jpg
Babushka Club_6827.jpg
Babushka Club_6828.jpg
Babushka Club_6829.jpg
Babushka Club_6830.jpg
Babushka Club_6831.jpg
Babushka Club_6832.jpg
Babushka Club_6833.jpg

The Wedding Ceremony.

Babushka Club_6834.jpg
Babushka Club_6835.jpg
Babushka Club_6836.jpg
Babushka Club_6837.jpg
Babushka Club_6838.jpg
Babushka Club_6839.jpg
Babushka Club_6840.jpg
Babushka Club_6841.jpg
Babushka Club_6842.jpg
Babushka Club_6843.jpg
Babushka Club_6844.jpg
Babushka Club_6845.jpg
Babushka Club_6846.jpg
Babushka Club_6847.jpg
Babushka Club_6848.jpg

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