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Zipi Maternity Session

Zipi Maternity Session

Congratulations to Zipi and Lior for the upcoming baby Girl!
It’s a truly Magic time.
The gift of pregnancy is a time of heightened senses, deep connection to your own body and heightened intuition. It can be a time of elation and a time of sensitivity and clarity. Being present to our bodies in a whole new way as we embark on a journey of creating new life, fears can arise that come from nowhere, emotions run high and often for no justified reason, our bodies stretch and change dramatically and hormones blaze through them turning our once sharp memories to jelly. A time of transformation, magic and metamorphosis when 1 becomes 2.

Having a baby can tell a woman a lot about herself that she previously did not know. Like the strength of her endurance, the magnificence of her body, and yes, the fact that there exists an occasion where she will not give a hoot who sees her in the most private of body positions. I strongly encourage pregnant women to embrace this truly magical time, a time when their own soul allows the entrance of another into this world.

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Maternity photography by IsaacImage

Maternity photography by IsaacImage

kids photography by IsaacImage


Happy couple photography by IsaacImage


Belly by IsaacImage


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