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Creative Engagement session Muskoka Natalie and Maor

Creative Engagement session Muskoka Natalie and Maor.

Do you know what makes life more meaningful? It’s doing things that you love without thinking about how others would react to it.

That’s what Natalie and Maor also believe in and hence they live life to the fullest. Being young and vivacious, they love adventure sports and often go for skiing on their dates.

When they told us about this common interest we thought to include it in their engagement album.

After all, engagement pictures are meant to show you in your true spirit.

Engagement album of Natalie and Maor – when life itself becomes an adventure

We took the first shot on a speed boat. It was difficult to shoot as the boat was speeding but we also got into adventurous mood and did our best.

With Natalie in a white dress in the back and our handsome hunk Maor at the wheels, this is surely a great pic to look at.

The speed boat Maor chose was a sleek one. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to photograph it. So, Natalie got into a sexy little black dress and Maor wore a bright blue shirt. The royal blue sky in the background made the picture more appealing.

You can’t drive a speed boat all time so Natalie and Maor took a break to enjoy the scenery around them. They got close and kissed. Together they sizzled on screen.

The turquoise blue Ontario Lake and royal blue sky remained witness to their intimacy.

We wanted them to pose in close-up for us. They obliged us most willingly. Looking cool in casuals they gave us some great poses. Natalie looked drop dead gorgeous in her black tee and deep blue jeans. That’s her specialty you know. She looks good in whatever she wears.

Maor gifted Natalie with a diamond solitaire that glowed with his love. It was an exquisite ring that deserved a special photograph.

Maor loves Natalie very much and wanted to immortalize the day of their engagement. He wanted something grand and mushy.

We helped him to create a big love sign with lights that also had the engagement date written at the bottom. Maor and Natalie sat inside the love sign with lights in their hands.

This is perhaps the best picture of the album. It would forever remain the most significant image of their engagement.

We wish Natalie and Maor all the joy and happiness of the world.

As their Muskoka Wedding photographer I wish that they remain the same and continue enjoying their life.

For those who wandering how this shot was done, here shot from Mother of the bride cell phone.

Thank you so much for capturing this Tanechka.

Crazy Toronto photographer

Full set in the Wedding slideshow

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