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University of Toronto engagement and soccer fun

University of Toronto engagement and soccer fun

Monika and Tom engagement photo session – celebrating a special bond
Congratulation and celebration. Monika and Tomash got engaged and as their engagement photography studio we felt happy to create this album for them.

Tomash and Monika are very lively and modern people. They wanted their pre wedding photo session to have a casual look, just like themselves.

So we created this vibrant album keeping in mind their choice. From music to the looks, everything has been designed by IsaacImage engagement photography studio Toronto.

The video opens with a cheerful music playing at the background and a shot of the ring placed on a white rose. It quickly introduces Monika and Tomash who are dressed in casuals.

Monika chose a hot pink layered sleeveless top and a pair of blue jeans. Her curvaceous body looked gorgeous in the attire. She has sharp features and looks good even without makeup.

Tomash is a cool guy. He is confident about his looks and decided to sport a check shirt in multiple colours.

We kept the photos very natural by asking them not to do anything artificial. So, Monika and Tomash talked, shared jokes, made fun of each other and we kept on taking their photos.

We did resort to a few camera tricks by making some pictures black and white and placing them along with the colored versions. It created a very romantic effect for the viewer.

We asked Tomash to give a different look and he obliged us with an intense look that would make you go weak by the knee. Monika sizzled in the photos. She looked so beautiful when we took a few snaps of her looking away from the camera.

We chose an old building of University of Toronto for the photo shoot. Later on both of them changed into more formal attires and looked rather hot. The photos rightly showcased their chemistry. We all had fun filming them with the balloons in some classic poses.

We wanted the photo session to showcase different moods of the couple and asked them to get naughty. Monika changed into a bandage dress in horizontal stripes along with a jacket. They had fun trying to burst the balloon.

And of course soccer 😉

Tom love soccer and that gave us an idea to dress them up in football jerseys and take some snaps. The ball playing went on and we were happy with the clicks we took.

We tried to capture all the little moments that make a relationship special. Be it kissing someone on the cheek or caressing their hair.

We hope Monika and Tomash would keep on reliving these moments and lead a happy and loving life in future.

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