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Toronto CN Tower Engagement Polina and Chris

Toronto CN Tower Engagement Polina and Chris

Engagement of Polina and Chris – a story of passion and love

A smart, young and confident girl meets a hunk one day and falls head over heels in love. They get into a relationship that only grows stronger with time. They become inseparable and decide to take their relationship one step further.

They decided to celebrate their engagement by creating an album that would make them remember the great bond they shared.

This is the story of Polina and Chris, a lovely couple who made us proud by creating their engagement album.

Polina and Chris engagement album – a love story worth seeing

Polina being a modern woman chose to look casual in her engagement album. She chose a bright blue dress in Aztec print.

The full sleeved dress highlighted her curves and made her look very sensuous so much so that Chris found it difficult to take his eyes off her.

So, we got many shots where they are seen together holding each other, caressing cheeks and enjoying their “us” time.

Yes, we had asked them to be normal and they did it so well that all the snaps came out very natural and lively. However, to make the album special we took a silhouette shot of them in the arched pathway and made it in black and white. I think it is the most stunning image of this album.

There is another snap which I like very much. It has Polina and Chris walking on the sidewalk in the rain. Chris holds the umbrella and both of them are engrossed in a conversation. The picture has such a warm glow and tells exactly how they feel about each other.

Chris is a very easy and lovable chap. He doesn’t take anything to heart and is always smiling. The old, dark corridor lighted up with their love. To add depth to the snaps, we took some in black and white and they look no less than classic images depicting eternal love.

With her beautiful eyes and well defined features, Polina is a pleasure to watch as she breaks into a smile and her eyes lit up. We took several solo pictures of hers.

For more fun and variety, they changed into stylish clothes and we pictured them against a wall with cartoon characters.

We must say that Polina looked hot in that light cream colored top and shades. We didn’t choose any fancy location, we didn’t use any props yet the photos came out so well just because the couple were so natural and true to their selves.

We wish Polina and Chris a wonderful life ahead from the team of Toronto engagement photography.


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