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Hollywood Banquet hall Thornhill Wedding Alexandra and Konstantin

Hollywood Banquet hall Thornhill Wedding Alexandra and Konstantin

Photography by IsaacImage Toronto Wedding photography Studio.

Bridal MakeUp and Hair – “Caprice” Hair Studio.

Wedding reception – Hollywood Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Vaughan, Ontario.

Getting ready and Wedding photo session – Graydon Hall Manor.

MC – Stas Ferent.

Beautiful engagement photo session that was done at Distillery district in downtown Toronto can be seen here.
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How to prepare for your wedding day photographs

How to prepare for your wedding day photographs

Your wedding photos are long-lasting reminders of the biggest event in your lifetime. So they have to be just perfect!

To capture every important detail of your wedding day, it is crucial that you find a talented professional photographer.
Apart from this, there are a few things you can do to make sure your wedding photos turn out great.
Best for Bride, Canada’s leading wedding dress and bridal services shop, suggests the following tips to help you prepare for your wedding day photography.

Discuss the details with your photographer
If there are details that you must have in your pictures, like the design feature that attracted you to your wedding dress, your heirloom earrings or your mother’s expression as you dress for the day, tell your photographer about it.
When you share a shoot list of what you would like to include in your pictures, he can make sure it is captured.

Please see some samples below :
Toronto Lag Baomer Chabad Thornhill Woods_7764.jpg
Toronto Lag Baomer Chabad Thornhill Woods_7765.jpg
Toronto Lag Baomer Chabad Thornhill Woods_7766.jpg
Toronto Lag Baomer Chabad Thornhill Woods_7767.jpg
Toronto Lag Baomer Chabad Thornhill Woods_7768.jpg

Go with photogenic hair and makeup options

Certain cosmetics and hairstyles are not photogenic. For example, fake tans and bronzer can give your skin an orange color in certain settings. Similarly, hair that flies around can obscure your face in photos. So, do a trial hair and makeup session and click few random shots, to make sure your choices will translate well in the pictures.

Practice for the shoot
It is a good idea to prepare in advance for the portrait shots that you will have to pose for. Practice smiling, so it feels natural in front of the camera. Also try different poses when sitting and standing, to find ones that work best. This will help you quickly settle into the pose for your pictures, when it has to be taken.
Highly recommended and very popular are engagement sessions.
You spend and extra time with your photographer 2-5 hours.
You getting know each other. And of course you having lot’s of fun and creating timeless memories.

Refresh yourself between shots
Touch up your makeup and straighten your hair and dress between photographs. As the day progresses, your makeup may dull. So, have your touch up kit ready and refresh yourself prior to each batch of photos, so you look your best in all of them.

Prepare yourself to relax and enjoy the shoot
There are two things you should absolutely do; plan enough time for the photos and enjoy it fully. Schedule the activities on your wedding day at a relaxed pace, so you don’t look stressed out in your photos. Before each picture, take a few seconds to relax your body and face, smile properly and correct your posture. The more you enjoy the shoot, the better your pictures will be.

You will have a lot of photos taken on your wedding day. Work with your photographer to try different set-ups and what poses and lighting will be most flattering. Follow his cues and your photos will fully reflect his talents and expertise.

Author Bio: Best for Bride is the one-stop bridal destination in Canada, featuring an impressive inventory of top-class designer wedding dresses, bridesmaids dress collections, dresses for special occasions and dresses for the entire wedding party. You can also find bridal accessories and a range of wedding services that you need for your special celebration. More details can be found on their website –

Nikon d750 Canon 1dx Shana Tova

Nikon d750 Canon 1dx Shana Tova

Shana Tova dear Friends from IsaacImage photographers team family.

Love, Happiness and lots of Health !!!

Doesn’t matter if you are Nikon , Canon, Russian, Jewish, Indian, Gay, Straight – Make Love and Respect each other !

Enjoy every single moment of your life , as you never know how long it’s going to last.

Capture the moments with your heart and soul, and not with your photographic skills, the technical aspect of photography is very important and must to know, but don’t over do it.

You have to fill it, learn and listen every single moment and you will appreciate it ūüėČ team



Newmarket Engagement Rachel Kenny

Newmarket Engagement Rachel Kenny

The couple wanted to do their engagement photoshoot in the Main street in Newmarket.

Just walking, having fun, eating the ice-cream, playing guitar…

Also they brought super cool black Camaro.

We want to congratulate Rachel and Kenny on your engagement.

Can’t wait for your Big Day!


engagement ring camaroengagement ringengagement ringengagement ringengagement ringengagement ringengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarket shoesengagement newmarketengagement newmarketengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket ice creamengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket guitarengagement newmarket rockstarengagement newmarket rockstarengagement newmarket rockstarengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaroengagement newmarket camaro


Unionville Wedding Sahar Viktor

Unionville Wedding Sahar Viktor

A beautiful and heartwarming couple

It is always a sheer delight to capture the wedding of a beautiful and heartwarming couple. The Toronto Wedding photographer takes immense pride in capturing the wonderful and beautiful moments of the special day of a couple. Recently, we worked with this gorgeous couple who are so much in love with each other. Sahar and Victor complemented each other beautifully and they are a great couple to work with. Apart from being romantic, they are happy and fun people. Their easy going nature helped us to take some wonderful photographs of them.

We started the photo session in Unionville and then we moved towards the West River Banquet Hall for the outside ceremony. The reception was scheduled at the Venetian Banquet Hall. The staging and DJ was organized by Vamos Events.

The wonderful makeup and hair of the bride was done beautifully by Nikol Natalie and the bride looks stunning with the hair accessories and the hairdo. The beautiful décor of the wedding was handled by Rias Designs Inc which is responsible for such amazing pictures.

Sahar is a beautiful Afghan bride, whereas Victor is a Lithuanian groom. They looked like a match made in heaven. It was our sheer pleasure to capture this beautiful couple in one frame. The beautiful Afghan bride looked marvelous in her bridal wear. Her gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes revealed her happiness and excitement. The footwear, outfit and accessories that Sahar wore on her special day were aptly chosen. On the other hand, our Lithuanian groom looked very smart and handsome. He was totally enchanted when his eyes fell on his bride for the first time.

The best part of this wedding was the cake cutting ceremony. Since Sahar and Victor is such a fun-loving couple, they made the cake-cutting so entertaining. When Sahar was about to feed Victor a piece of the wedding cake, she rubbed the cake on his face, which made all the guests break into a fit of laughter. Victor looked really innocent and it is evident from his face that he was unaware of his beautiful Afghan bride’s prank.

All the guests present in the wedding had a wonderful time and that can be clearly seen in the pictures that we have captured. The bride and the groom are so much in love with each other. The Toronto Wedding Photographer is immensely glad to capture the moment where Sahar and Victor are gazing at each other romantically. The red curtains serve as the perfect background for this photograph. We thank this beautiful couple for letting us be a part of their big day. It was a delightful opportunity for us.

unionville bride groom


bridal shoesgrooms shoes hello kittybride groom shoeswedding ring bridal boudoir bride and groomchampaign grom horabride groom horawedding cake

Unionville Wedding Ruthie Hanan

Unionville Wedding Ruthie Hanan

Absolutely beautiful couple, warm sunny day, awesome peoples ….what else do we need for Dream Wedding?

Wedding photo session took place in our favourite location РUnionville. We just love the atmosphere in that place.

A lots of happy faces. People just walking, having fun and chillin.

Congrats Ruthie & Hanan. Enjoy your life together as a family.


Make up & hair – AK makeup

Wedding planner –¬†Your Effortless Event

Decor and Flowers –¬†Flowers Time – Toronto Floral Design Studio

Day coordinator –

Venue –¬†La Primavera Hospitality & Convention Centre

MC|Lighting|Live band –¬†Party Crew Entertainment

Wedding photo session – Unionville


custom signwedding ringswedding rings shoesgarter bracelet earrings headpiece wedding dresswedding dresswedding dressbridal bouquetbridal bouquetbridal bouquetgrooms housegroom getting readygroom getting readygrooms detailsgrooms detailsgroom getting readygroom getting readygrooms detailsgrooms detailsgrooms detailsgroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readybride getting readybride getting readybride getting readyfirst momentfirst momentunionville unionville unionville unionville unionville unionville unionville unionville huppahhuppahhuppahhuppahhuppahpartypartywedding cakeparty decorparty decorparty decor wedding cakeparty decorparty decorhorahorahorafirst dancefirst danceisaacimageisaacimagepartyfire show party crewfire show party crewfire show party crewbouquet tossgartergarter tossgarter

Eaton Hall Wedding Viki Roy

Eaton Hall Wedding Viki Roy

A match and wedding made in heaven

For an individual, wedding is one of the most important occasions in their life and a special day like that happens only once in a lifetime. This makes it important that you document such beautiful moments in your life in any form and what can be better than some professional photographs. It is one of those joyous moments of your life and wouldn’t you want to have something to remind you forever? Well, we might just be able to help you with this task. We specialise in wedding photography and our passion for photography has helped us build a strong team over the years. As you can see, we have handled quite a few projects over the years and we consider each of them a new learning experience. Being a Toronto wedding photographer helped me gain a lot of knowledge about my passion and has also helped me learn a new style or technique every other day. In Toronto wedding photography has gained a lot popularity and the competition has also multiplied in the process.

What makes this work even more interesting for us is the fact that we have never ever felt that we were working even for once. Following our passion has led us to this place and we have continued to embrace it with absolute love and dedication. Take for example the wedding at the Eaton hall that we were lucky enough to be a part of. The rain did not stop us from giving the bride and groom the best shots that they have always wanted on their wedding day. A Jewish wedding is always a fun occasion to cover and the traditions and customs that they follow are definitely something to look out for. In addition to learning about the Jewish wedding, we covered each moment that was special and as a photographer we found the occasion an energetic and fun filled one. Some of the notable things at such weddings is the chuppah which is normally not seen in all weddings. We all know that a wedding is incomplete without dancing and the hora dancing just turns any wedding into a celebration. In the course of covering a wedding, we ended up learning a lot of new things and above all, we had pure unadulterated fun. A person cannot ask more from a beautiful Toronto wedding which also turned out to be a great learning experience

We enjoyed every second of this day and so did the bride and groom ))) in spite of rainy day

Wedding photo shoot – Eaton Hall

Venue – La Primavera Hospitality & Convention Centre

Live Band, Lighting, MC – Party Crew Entertainment

Bridal MakeUp –¬†EGO Makeup ArtEti Gozlan


Eaton Hall WeddingEaton Hall Wedding ringwedding ring wedding ring wedding dresswedding shoeswedding ring bridal bouquet shoesgrooms shoes belt watches tiebridal hair make updogbridal make up hairbride getting readybeautiful bridefirst momentfirst momentbride and groom eaton halleaton hall brideeaton hall groombride and groom eaton hallbride and groom eaton hall bride and groom eaton hallhuppah decorhuppah decorhuppah decorhuppahdecorgrand entrancehorafirst dancefirst dancefirst dancefire show party crew fire show party crewfire show party crewtossing the bouquet

bride groom party crew
bride groom la primavera bride groom isaacimagebride groom isaacimage





WeddingWire Workshop

Wedding Wire Workshop


Great experience at¬†Wedding Wire Workshop at “The Eglinton Grand” Toronto Wedding venue, gorgeous place that designed in “Art Deco Hollywood Glamour” style.

Many  local wedding vendors, excellent networking, meeting new people.

It was our first experience with “WeddingWire Educational” program and the feelings totally positive. ¬†A lot of new information about strategy, customer service etc.

Also here is a few snaps, of course )))

weddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grandweddingwire workshop eglinton grand

Toronto Calgary Wedding Lola Ola

Toronto Calgary Wedding Lola Ola


It was an interesting experience for us since bride and groom lives in Calgary and they found us through the internet.

So we only had few conversations through Skype before the actual wedding day.

And it was beautiful day, filled with love, fun and emotions.

Thank you and congratulations to Lola and Ola!

Enjoy your life together many-many years!

Wedding photoshoot – McLean House

Limo –¬†Luxotic Limo

Venue – Paradise Banquet Hall

Wedding Planning – Diamond Socials


giftcustom hungerwedding dresswedding dressshoes louboutinshoes louboutin ringsshoes louboutinshoes louboutin ringsshoes louboutinshoes watchesshoes watchesshoes louboutin coco channelbouquets coco channelshoes louboutin coco channelearringswedding ringswedding ringsnecklessbouquetshoes louboutinbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbridal make up hairbride getting readybride getting readybride getting readyluxoticgroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readygroom getting readychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremony luxoticchurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonychurch ceremonywedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshoot veilwedding photoshoot veilwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootwedding photoshootToronto Calgary Wedding Lola Ola_0084wedding photoshootpartypartypartypartywedding cakepartyentrancefirst dancefirst dancefather daughter dancemother son dancegamegamegamecutting caketossing the bouquetgartergarter tossspeechspeechparty

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