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Here at Isaac Image, we pride ourselves on giving you the total package for your photos. As such, our wedding photography Toronto includes shots of the bride and groom getting ready for their big day. After all, this is the most fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking part of the whole day, isn’t it? We can capture that unbridled enthusiasm that overtakes the bride and groom, and everyone around them, as they all prepare for the big moment. Our candid shots show a vulnerability to the day – the other side of the polished, picture-perfect ceremony and reception.

We are there every step of the way. When you hire IsaacImage, you don’t just get a photographer who shows up when the ceremony starts. We are yours for the day. That means we show up hours before the event to picture the bridal, bridal party, groom and groomsmen getting ready.


bride getting ready photography toronto

Applying makeup, stepping into the gown, getting your hair done, and sharing impromptu laughs with your maid of honor…these are all precious moments that you won’t remember in the frenzy of the day. We make sure you have a keepsake of these nervous chats, hair style consults, and your mom lacing up your wedding gown. As part of our wedding photography Toronto services, we offer both traditional photography and boudoir photography. You can choose one or the other, or both (we have packages if you want it all included in one price). Either way, you will experience a stunning selection of black and white and color photos that capture the essence of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.


groom getting ready photography toronto

Our photographer also spends time visiting with the groom and his groomsmen as they get ready. From last-minute adjustments on the tuxedo to handshakes and advice from your best man and ushers, you can rest easy knowing we’re documenting this pre-ceremony ritual so common among men about to tie the knot. These make great photos to share with your wife after the honeymoon and vice versa, since neither one of you should be sneaking a peek at the other before the big day!

IsaacImage knows how to blend into the background so we’re not at the forefront of your wedding preparations. However, you get peace of mind knowing whatever you need, whatever shot you want, we’re here to make those a reality. Stealing a hug from mom as you get into your gown…laughing with the girls as you apply makeup…putting the finishing touches on your hair…these are all fun moments in time we can help you freeze forever. Call IsaacImage now to schedule an appointment.

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